Founded in 2000, this studio in Portland, Oregon, has served excellent interactive design, original illustration, and engaging animation to a long list of delighted clients, ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 100 high-profile companies.


  • Disney
  • Mattel
  • Warner Bros.
  • The Economist
  • Mitsubishi
  • BMW
  • Milton Bradley
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Popular Science
  • Verizon Wireless
  • GE
  • PayPal
  • HP
  • Playmates Toys
  • Family Fun Magazine
  • Maxim
  • The Wall Street Journal Europe
  • McGraw Hill Osborne
  • NPR
  • The Oregon Lottery
  • The Oregonian
  • The Deal Magazine
  • Prosper Magazine
  • Seattle Business Week
  • Group Publishing
  • Stanford University Magazine

Principal and—let's be real—the only full time staff member, has almost 25 years of experience creating original artworks and designs for clients all over the world. 

Always striving for efficient, clear, interactive design so users get what they need through your app or website as easily as possible. Their smooth experience with your brand is critical to keep them coming back and engaging with your product or service and helping your business grow.

Communicate your ideas through graphic animation that you can show on your website, in a presentation, or post on your YouTube channel. Sometimes reaching your audience through animation can trigger an emotional engagement that is deep enough to connect with your idea, product, or service.

Using illustration in your marketing materials makes you stand out against the 99% of your competition who rely on photography in their communications. Draw the imagination of your audience in effectively with illustrated concepts that spark their imagination and get them connected with your message.


  • 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 11 Honorable Mention (2014)
  • Communication Arts Award of Excellence, 50th Annual Illustration Exhibition (2009)
  • Grab Magazine Feature Interview (2009)
  • Idea Design Magazine (Europe and Asia)
    Feature Interview (2008)
  • Creative Shake Bronze Award (2008)
  • The Little Chimp Society Feature Interview (2008)
  • The Secret Life of Logos Book, Featured Case Study (2007)
  • Pixel: Artists Who Use The Computer Exhibit,
    Patron's Award (2007)
  • Custom Publishing Council Pearl Awards, Gold Award (2007)
  • Portfolios.com Gold Award (2006)
  • Photoshop User (UK) Feature Interview (2005)
  • Society of Illustrators Honorable Mention (2002)